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The Foundation for Academic Cultural Exchange (FACE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting cross-cultural understanding through high school exchange programs. We are a U.S. Department of State designated high school exchange organization in operation for more than 20 years. FACE offers remarkable opportunities for students from different nations to study at an accredited public or private high school and live with an American host family or at an accredited boarding school.

The AYP is a 5 or 10-month program for high school students between the ages of 15 and 18. Students have the opportunity to live with an American host family or in an international dorm and attend a local high school in the community. By living with a host family or in a dorm, you become part of a cross-cultural adventure – you are not an observer, but a participant who will become more introspective and aware of the world and culture in which you live. You are not a guest in their home, you are a here to be a part of the family. Being part of the family is the most important thing you need to do to have a successful experience.

This person-to-person encounter is the foundation for promoting tolerance, acceptance, and understanding among cultures. We designed our distinct foreign exchange program around the homestay experience to engender goodwill, foster international awareness, and encourage cultural immersion between students and host families. Our goal is to create a memorable academic year, for both the host family and student. Ultimately, we hope to promote a lasting interest in other cultures, while creating lifetime memories for you and your host family. Students should remember however, that this is not a travel or vacation type program. It is an academic program and participants are required to maintain a minimum “C” average in all subjects.

To participate, applicants must be in good academic standing with their current school and demonstrate a level of English that will allow them to be successful in an American high school. As well, the applicants must have a level of maturity that will allow them to be flexible and able to cope with problems and being away from their homes. We screen applicants in their home country to determine if they possess the necessary skills and accept all applicants into the program on the basis of an English oral interview. We require an application with academic records, pertinent medical information, and personal likes and dislikes for each applicant. Additionally, we ask that the applicant write a short biography including reasons for his/her interest in becoming an exchange student and what he/she expects to gain from our AYP program.

Please recognize that FACE programs are not leisure travel and vacation programs.

The FACE F-1 program is an academic program that is tailored to the academic goals and preferences of individual students. This program provides international students placement in a U.S. private school and living accommodation with a host family. A student with an F-1 visa can stay in the U.S. for as long as it takes to get his/her degree. High school student will be able to graduate with a high school degree, and may choose to continue on to university.


  • Students must be between 14 and 18 years old
  • They must have average grades of C or above
  • Students must have intermediate to advanced English skills
  • Students must be mature, flexible, and have the ability to be successful in school and the willingness to become a member of an American host family

These programs are for students from 12 – 18 years of age. They are usually held during the summer and winter breaks from school and are about 10 days in length.

By living with an American host family and attending ESL English/Cultural classes, students will get a taste of genuine American culture. This fun program is designed for students who are interested in exploring America for a short time.


  • Live with an American host family (1 or 2 students per family)
  • 12 hours of ESL classes in the morning
  • Local activities and sightseeing in the afternoon
  • Free weekend with host family
  • Day trip to Six Flags Over America theme park


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